Aysgarth and District Parish Council

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Parish Council

parish councilCllr John Dinsdale is the chairman and Cllr Brian McGregor is the vice-chairman.

Parish representatives are as follows: Cllrs Dinsdale and Sayer - Parish Forum; Cllr Windle - the Upper Dales Area Partnership; Cllr Dinsdale - the Yorkshire Local Councils Association; Cllr McGregor - the Upper Dales Health Watch; and Joint Cemetery Committee - Cllrs McGregor and Cooper.

No meetings are behind held at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have any issues that the parish council should be made aware of either contact your local councillor or the clerk.

Meetings are held in Aysgarth Institute at 7.30pm usually once every six weeks. The next meeting is on November 26 and might be one via Skype. depending on pandemic situation. 

Parish Council Documents

Report September and October 2020

Minutes September 2020

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Minutes September 2019

 Assets Register 2018

Recording at meetings

Unaudited Accounts year ended March 2019 

Notice of Public Rights re unaudited Agar year ended1.0 33.19 

Final Accounts 2018-2019

Notice of Conclusion of Accounts  March 2018

AGAR Part 3 - Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-2018

AGAR Part 3 - Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2017-2018

AGAR Part 3 - Section 2 - Accounting Statements 2017-2018

Certificate of Exemption - AGAR 2018-29 Part 2

Unaudited AGAR YE 31 March 2020